Our mission is to provide stacked nutrients in just one serving to improve athletic performance and overall health.

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After 20 years of clinical practice I find these are 2 things people are lacking:


Protein strengthens the immune system, builds muscle and balances blood sugar. Nutrients decrease food cravings and help your skin and hair look youthful. Super Powder is formulated with high quality proteins and numerous nutrients. ONE SCOOP is all you need. Have it every morning for breakfast to energize and decrease appetite for the rest of the day!

Here is a sample daily meal plan to lose weight and stay fit.

High protein/Low calorie Breakfast options: (estimated 300-400 calories per meal)

• Smoothie - Super Powder with nuts, fruit, banana, berries, and milk or almond milk

Or Super Powder with juice, almond milk or milk and eat a small portion of (pick one:)

• Eggs, Super Powder brownie, small cup of oatmeal or quinoa, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, or apple, carrot, beet juice.
Lunch and Dinner options:
• Salad with chicken, turkey or salmon
• Protein pasta and vegetables or with tomato sauce
• Rice and vegetables
• Lo mein and vegetables
• Cold Cuts wrapped in Romaine lettuce or whole wheat toast
• One slice of pizza and salad
• Choice of Chicken, Beef, Salmon or Turkey and sautéed vegetables lightly cooked with sea salt
• Sushi wrapped in seaweed or a little brown rice
• Chicken with garlic sauce and sautéed broccoli
• Avocado with spicy mustard wrapped in romaine lettuce or whole wheat toast
• Choice of Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Turkey with cucumber salad and steamed beets
• Eggplant
• Grilled lamb and sautéed vegetables or asparagus
Muscle building/FAT burning exercises

3 sets of 8-12 reps 2-3x a week
1. Goblet squats (can hold 5-40 pound weights in each hand)
2. Plank 30-60 seconds
3. Pull-ups or push-ups or lat rows

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