Athletes need more nutrients! ProXformulas delivers them in a safe, effective, and NATURAL WAY!

Pre-workout for more energy and endurance

Post-workout to decrease inflammation, replenish lost glycogen and to speed recovery

Why Proxformulas?

  • Physician formulated to ensure purity and effectiveness
  • Not just protein, Stacked with Vit D3, Flaxseed Powder, Greens and more…
  • Third party tested, No heavy metals, No Sucralose, No Chemicals!
  • Safe for all ages

Why supplements?

  • Pre-workout Protein and minerals in Super Powder starts muscle growth and improves power and endurance.*
  • Injured athletes require more protein to heal. Power Arm Recovery provides carbs, protein and natural anti-inflammatories to get you back on the field, QUICKLY!*
  • Young athletes burn more fuel and need more protein to grow and build muscle.*
  • Too little protein causes muscle breakdown, lost power and fatigue.
  • Vegans lack complete protein sources from their diet.*
  • Weight loss occurs more easily with a higher protein content to retain muscle mass.*
  • Refined carbohydrate foods and the depletion of nutrients in our soil can lead to disease, dysfunction, and poor athletic performance!*



Prevent injuries
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7 year MLB veteran Current Miami Marlins Hitting coach Takes it pregame Before practices and games Result: More energy while coaching*.

Frank Menechino

Frank Menechino

What Client's Say

I wish I had super powder back when I played. I take it in the morning and it gives me energy all day long. Takes one serving every morning*.

Pete Rose Jr

Pete Rose JrMLB veteran

Super Powder is used by
  • HS athletes
  • College athletes
  • Pro athletes
  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Weekend warriors

Has Absolutely
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We're not the only ones
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Thousands of satisfied customers use Super Powder Pre-workout


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An effective, safe sports nutrition plan for young athletes to gain mass!